At first, there is an idea.  We hurry up to note it down in a notebook so we don't forget it.  There is no special time for creative thoughts; an idea can come up in the middle of the night!


     Yves takes shots that he will later use to create funny characters or to create scenes for his magnetic memo boards. 

 3        Some pictures are original, some others have been modified by computer.

     To make some of our products, we use a lamination technique. 

For exemple, when we make our magnets, we laminate the pictures on wood before cutting them.


     Several items need to be cut with a belt-sander. 

Preciseness is the key word! 


     We need to be precise to cut our magnetic boards.  They have to be really straight... 


     The wood we use is very carefully treated.  We sand the surface of each oak bottle holder for a perfect finish.  

After that, we apply a layer of paste varnish to highlight the wood colour and grain which are unique for every piece. 

     We create all the templates that we will help us.

You can see the wood that will be used to make a toast grabber...
     Our workshop is equipped with all the essential machinery used to transform any piece of wood.  It may look very cluttered, but we know where to find everything!!  Every tool is on wheels for easy movement...

When cutting wood, Yves tells himself : "Precision, precision, precision!" 

     Nothing stops Yves; if he needs a machine that does not exist, he will build it himself! 

What an ingenious person!

     Pieces of resin are glued to a plate that we place on a spinnig sur-face.  If he needs to, Yves moves the pieces while he paints them.

We use Air brush to paint most of our pruducts.  It is a technique that helps us apply paint in a uniform way.


               TA DAM!!! 

     Here are freshly painted resin heads.  They will be used to make door stoppers... 


     Assembly is the following step in the making of our products.  Will Céline be able to put the magnet in the toast grabber?  She needs to concentrate... 


     Finally, products are wrapped up for protection... and to look great for our dear clients! 

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